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Dear Customers,   

                 In years past, we would run a Meat Bonanza in our ad at the most 3 or 4 times a year.  As the economy dipped, we found that our customers appreciated the opportunity to stock up on meat bargains more frequently than that.  We decided, at that point, to double the number of times a year to 6 or 8.  Certain months we never ran a bonanza because it was busy enough without adding that extra burden to the meat department.

                As time has passed, however, we’ve found that our customers truly appreciate that extra “push” for their food budget every month, so we’ve adapted!  December was always one of the months that we didn’t bother with a bonanza in the past because we felt that everyone was so caught up in Christmas preparations that they wouldn’t have the time nor the money to take advantage of our hot prices.

                Last year, (2018) was the first ever December Meat Bonanza and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that it was a huge hit!  Despite the holiday preparations, the shopping and the running around from one venue to another, people still have to eat!  Christmas features one of the largest family dinner opportunities of the year and add to that all the parties and gatherings, buying meat on sale is getting to be a popular new holiday tradition!

                Unlike other bonanzas throughout the year, December’s has a distinctive Christmas flair.  There are five separate shrimp items, in various sizes and in raw or fully cooked.  There are pork loins, fully cooked meatballs, sirloin tips, strip steaks and rib-eye steaks.  Sausages, spareribs, pork shoulder butt steaks and boneless chicken breasts are all wonderful entrees to base your holiday dinner table around. 

                But the King of all holiday roasts is the bone-in standing rib roast.  In restaurants it’s called “Prime Rib”.  While we will have them available to “grab-n-go” right out of the case, if you need a special size or cut for your feast, do not hesitate to ask Corey or Shawn in our meat department for special service.  These boys thrive on customer service and that goes for anything in the meat department.  If you don’t see a particular cut or type of sausage that you’re partial to, all you have to do is ask.  Our Meat Department is staffed every day of the week for your shopping convenience.