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Dear Customers,

                 College football has been in full swing now for over two weeks and the NFL began play for their 17-week season on September 5th.  When I was young, you could count on two things; the NFL played all their games on Sunday and colleges played only on Saturday.  Of course, we only had three networks to choose from; NBC, ABC, and CBS.  Chances were there would be a game on one of those networks – it just probably wasn’t the one you wanted to see!  Since our network channels originated out of Buffalo, you could count on a heavy dose of the Bills and on Saturdays, Notre Dame. 

                Then in 1979, a new all-sports network was born.  ESPN, promising all sports, all the time arrived amidst a lot of skepticism.  For instance, I remember thinking, “how are they going to find enough sports to fill all the hours of a day, much less a week?”  Not only did they fill them, they found enough to spill over into additional channels as well!  Now, counting play-offs and bowl games you can pretty much find a football game on television any day of the week with Saturday’s having as many as a half dozen airing from morning till long after midnight!

                Then, late in 1986, an upstart 4th television network hit the airwaves.  Fox Broadcasting did the unthinkable and took on the BIG 3!  What’s more, they did so successfully and as recently as the 2007-2008 season, earned the distinction of being the most watched network on American television!  Much of the reason for Fox’s success was their ability to outbid for exclusive rights to major sporting leagues and playoff games.  For decades, CBS and NBC owned the NFL.  Then ABC launched Monday Night Football and took over Monday nights.  Nobody but Fox themselves thought they could compete for the rights to broadcast baseball, basketball and football.  This February, Fox will broadcast their 10th Super Bowl, the biggest sporting even of the year, in their relatively short lifetime!  Not too shabby for an upstart.

                My point in all this?  When you consider there are nearly 800 colleges or universities with football programs, each of them playing 8-10 games a year (not counting the 30 or 40 bowl games) there are over 7000 collegiate football games played in this country in the regular season alone.  The NFL adds another 500 plus games each year, not counting playoffs.  Somewhere, some television network is carrying the feed for most of the college games and all of the NFL.  You literally have thousands of opportunities to sit down alone, or with your family and friends to enjoy a telecast. The two things that make watching a sporting event of any kind better?   That’s simple - food and drink!

                Here at Costa’s Supermarket we have you covered.  Whether you want to grill some ribs, some sausages or just let our famous deli handle your needs, we’ve got what you want.  Subs, pizzas, wings, fried chicken and made to order party trays are just a few of your choices.  Our selection of chips and pretzels takes up more than a whole aisle.  In addition you’ve always been able to pick up your favorite soft drinks, be it Coke, Pepsi or whatever but this year, for the very first time, you can buy beer and alcoholic beverages right along with your food - EVEN ON SUNDAY! It just doesn’t get any better or any more convenient than that.  Stop in and see our excellent display of over 500 varieties, the majority of which are chilled.  If we don’t have your brand, first of all I’ll be surprised, and second of all, just ask – we’ll see if we can stock it!