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Dear Customers


 We only need glance around at all the “red, white, and blue” adorning homes, vehicles, and clothing to realize that Americans are a very patriotic and proud people.  In fact, up until the Vietnam War, Americans were fond of bragging that “We are undefeated!” Probably because of that undaunted spirit, the Covid 19 pandemic, while extremely dangerous at worst and inconvenient at best, hasn’t shaken our resolve to get through this, no matter how long it takes. 

            Each holiday or milestone that has come along since March has been met with resolve, and if I’m being honest, disappointment.  Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, graduation and Father’s Day have all continued on as relentless as the Earth’s revolution around the sun.  Celebrations have changed dramatically from what we’re used to and from what we prefer, but they’re still celebrated, albeit with an asterisk! 

            Like with any other time life gives you a setback, you suffer through it, complain to anyone who will listen and move on.  When its over, time dulls the pain and discomfort and eventually it all becomes little more than a bad dream.  That’s where human resiliency shines.  Imagine if the colonials hadn’t persevered.  We’d have no national birthday to even miss this weekend!  Instead we’d be celebrating King George III’s birthday and singing a rousing rendition of God Save the Queen!

            When the 4th of July falls on a weekend like it does this year, we have ample opportunity to get together with family, friends and neighbors -watch a nice pyrotechnic display, maybe take in a parade and after dusk, break out the sparklers.  Fortunately, this year, the prices on beef, chicken and pork have come down from their ridiculous heights of a few months ago. 

            I’d think it’s reasonably safe to say you’ll be able to plan a nice cook-out for this weekend.  At this point, there’s no use trying to predict any prices because they continue to fluctuate on a daily basis - fortunately, mostly downward!  All those companies who were stock-piling product back in April and May are now faced with trying to unload all that inventory at a price loss!  So, whether you’re getting together with just family or also with a few friends this weekend, at least the meal will be as normal as you’ve been accustomed to on past 4th of July’s.  Happy Birthday America!