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Dear Customers,      

          You know that feeling you get when you discover something you never tried before, and it’s been right under your nose all the time?  Often times you have to hear about it from a friend or neighbor because you missed it entirely. 

          Before the holidays, my wife attended a Christmas party of sorts on the last day before the holiday where everyone was to bring a dish to pass.  Not being an accomplished baker or particularly innovative in the kitchen, she did what she usually does – she called the deli!  She ordered a platter of chicken tidbits in assorted flavors and I delivered them to her on my way to lunch.  When she came home with the leftovers – there weren’t any!  She excitingly told me that several of her colleagues had never tried them before, liked them immensely and wondered how long we’d been making them.

          The answer to that last question is “several decades”.  We were still operating out of the old supermarket when we began taking boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cutting them into large cubes and running them through the same breading we use on our famous Krispy Fried Chicken and into the fryer.  They were so popular, that within a few weeks they became a regular feature on our daily lunch menu in the hot case.  We’ve been in this newer location for 16 years or so but somewhere along the way, we quit offering them regularly.  I have no excuse other than they just slipped our mind.

          Now, everybody and his brother offers some type of boneless chicken wing for sale.  Usually they’re more batter than breast.  And in the same way that Pringles potato chips aren’t the same as real potato chips (they’re ground up and pressed into that shape) chicken nuggets or boneless wings, or wyngz as the case may be are generally not solid breast meat.  Our chicken tidbits are cut from fresh, solid and “nothing but the breast” meat.  We offer them as an alternative to chicken wings and as such, are available in every flavor that we offer out wings in. What’s more, there is no waste; no bone, no gristle, no fat – just pure unadulterated chicken goodness.  Give our deli a call and order some soon.  If you can’t remember all the flavors, they’re available on our web site under the “About Us” tab.  You may never eat another chicken wing after you try ‘em.