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Dear Customers,

                 As January’s blanket of white settles down over the landscape, a heavy, wet blanket seems to settle down over my good Christmas mood!  I think the oppressive cold we had at the beginning of the year coupled with the relentless snowfall from gray, leaden skies left me craving sunshine and warmth.  Even if it’s cold outside, as long as the sun shines occasionally - its bearable. 

                 Since the last week of 2017, I’ve been receiving seed catalogs in the mail regularly.  Those colored pictures of perfect fruit and vegetables have got to be doctored by some Photoshop expert, removing all the blemishes.  I’ve never grown anything remotely that attractive in my garden!  While looking through the pages of all the offerings gives one hope that spring will eventually arrive, all I have to do is glance out the window to remember that it’ll be a while yet. 

                 Mid-January, there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of good news on the horizon so we elected to have our first Meat Bonanza of 2018 this week.  Our thinking was that most of us are still reeling from the Christmas bills that are coming due this month.  Over-spending in the spirit of the holiday season always gives way to cold, stark reality when the tinsel is taken down and the lights are stored away for another year.  Money is a little tight and tightening our belts is almost universal this time of year.  We thought you could use a nice respite from high meat bills by offering an additional wrap on the outside of our weekly ad – chock full of bargains in the meat department. 

                 Keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to have a full freezer to rely upon when OI’ Man Winter occupies the neighborhood.  And to be able to fill that freezer at special low sale prices is just a win-win!  At Costa’s, when meat is on sale, we don’t bring in some inferior, low-cost substitute to be able to offer you a better price.  It’s the same USDA Choice Beef, Blue-Ribbon Pork and USDA Grade A Chicken that we always offer.  If there’s a less grade; USDA Select or US Inspected beef, it’s clearly marked in our ad so that you can make an informed decision.

                 One just never knows when a heavy snow-fall will make travel to the store difficult or impossible.  I’m sure the residents of the snow-belt to our north and west know exactly how important that is.  Then too, with Super Bowl Sunday less than three weeks away, laying aside some Costa’s Italian Sausage or a few bags of chicken wings for the freezer will make your Super Sunday preparations that much less costly.  It sounds like a good idea because it is.  So, venture out this week and avail yourself of all the bargains in-store, particularly in our meat department (fresh or frozen).  You will be glad you did and so will your budget!