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Dear Customers,      

          Since the advent of social media, news is disseminated at speeds heretofore unheard of.  So are secrets!  Several months ago, we got the news through the normal channels that our wholesaler of some 70 plus years, Olean Wholesale, was entertaining offers to sell the company.  At about the same time we heard, vendors and even customers were coming into the store asking questions about it!  Negotiations dragged on, as they inevitably do, until one day in late January word came down that Olean Wholesale had indeed been sold to C&S Wholesalers.  C&S is the largest wholesale grocery supply company in the United States, with over 140,000 different products.  Their annual sales are about 17 times more than Olean Wholesales which translates to a huge increase in “clout” in the marketplace.

          What does this mean to us and ultimately to you, the customer?  With the increase in variety and buying power it very likely will result in a much better assortment on our shelves and better pricing for you.  At this point, all the logistics haven’t been finalized but we expect to still get trucks from the same warehouse we’ve always used.  The prime location in the Olean area will allow C&S to service many of their customer stores in New York state as well as the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. 

          You may have noticed the light green colored “bag-stuffers” at the end of our cash registers.  They advertise what might very possibly be our last ever Shurfine Trainload Sale!  This trainload case sale has been a long-standing tradition at Costa’s Supermarket and other Shurfine stores around the area.  I have records going back for every year to 1996 which was 7 years before we even moved up the block to our newer location.  That doesn’t mean that we didn’t have case-good sales prior to 1996, it just means that I don’t have any written record of it!  Twenty-Five years is a good long time to continue a tradition such as this and, at least at this point, we’re not sure if it will continue with our new supplier, but we’re reasonably sure it won’t exist featuring Shurfine fruits and vegetables!

          Trainload case sales in the early years featured upwards of 60 different items to choose from.  Each year, the assortment was a little different with poor sellers being moved off the form to make room for new suggestions.  This year’s final SF Trainload Sale has been pared down to 18 of the best-selling items!  However, if you notice something missing that you’ve always bought in the past, we’ll be glad to try and get it in for you – at a case-load price!  The only reason why we might not be able to is that the warehouse will most likely be trying to jettison any Shurfine inventory they have left before the transition. 

          So pick up a form today and with a small deposit, we’ll order it in and give you a call when it’s ready!