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Dear Customers,

            Last week, I mentioned in this column, our long-time association with the Moneysaver publication.  A relationship like ours, particularly over the past 30+ years was essential in us getting our news to you, the customer.  News in the form of recent events, upcoming events, changes in the store or our offerings and most importantly, sale prices and special pricing.

            Several decades ago, we also installed an illuminated sign at the edge of the parking lot for alerting you to weekly specials.  We’ve gone through several sets of the plastic letters and numbers that snap into the channels on that sign.  Unfortunately, they turn yellow and become brittle in a short amount of time, making them sometimes difficult to read and easily broken.  I would really like to purchase one of those digital signs like is in front of the Fire Department then we could change the message wirelessly from inside the store.  Alas, my son tells me its not in our budget!

            The majority of our weekly specials are listed in our colored ad that you receive each week in the mail. But sometimes, items are offered to us by vendors during the week that don’t make it to us in time to get into print.  Or we make a particularly good buy and need to pass the savings on to you.  We refer to these as “in-store” specials as they’re only seen by those customers who happen to come into the store.  Often, the only indication of a hot price is a sign on the display.  Some people notice it, and still others walk by oblivious.  It’s not really the best way to get our message across!

            Today, however, we have the internet and social media.  No deadlines, no printers, no information lag; it’s instantaneous!  Fortunately, too, we have some tech-savvy employees who can put up a special or introduce a new item almost as soon as they think of it!  For instant, in the past month our meat department has introduced 4 new types of homemade sausage – invented and created right here at Costa’s Supermarket; Irish Bangers, Maple-Bacon breakfast sausage, Meat Lovers Pepperoni Pizza Sausage and our latest – BBQ Pulled Pork Sausage.   

Sausage, I guess, is a lot like pizza.  Most people get the same old standard every time. . . cheese & pepperoni pizza or Italian sausage.  You owe it to yourself to trying something new once in a while.  Next time friends stop over unexpected, pull a package of Meat Lover’s or BBQ Pulled Pork sausage out and toss it on the grill.  You can cut it up into bite size pieces and share it with everyone.  You’ll be a hit with your guests and so will the sausage!

If you are familiar with Facebook, all you have to do is type Costa’s Supermarket into the search box and our Facebook page will pop right up.  This is the perfect way to keep abreast of what’s happening in our store.  As I write this, we are very close to opening our beer and wine section.  It would take two weeks to notify you by Moneysaver.  I suspect when we flip the switch, if you’re on-line you’ll be the first to know!