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Dear Customers,   

            Lion or Lamb?  Who really cares as long as April follows immediately on March’s heels!  Sure, we can get nasty weather in April – or even May for that matter.  But for the most part, April signals the beginning of the prettiest season of the first half of the year.  January, February and March, while they may have their good points. . . (I said “may”) don’t hold a candle to April, May and June – the 2nd quarter of the year. 

            Consider that in this month alone, even though it’s known for its April showers, we’ll be spending more time outdoors.  Cleaning up the yard, hauling out the porch furniture, barbecuing on the patio and attending myriad track meets, baseball and softball games are just a few of the activities we can look forward to.  I always plant my tomato seeds the first week of April, even though the peppers have been in the dirt for a month already.  If I start the “maters” too soon, I’ll have tall, spindly stalks that will need staking up by the time Memorial Day rolls around.  Don’t forget that no matter what the month of April starts out like, weather wise, by the middle or end lawn mowers will be firing up all over the neighborhood – rain permitting!

            But I’m getting ahead of myself a little bit.  Palm Sunday falls this weekend and Easter a week after that.  You’ll want to get into the store and peruse our beautiful display of Easter flowers; lilies, (regular, pixie and Calla), daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, mums, mini roses and croci (or crocuses if you didn’t recognize the previous word) for starters.  Our new wholesaler does a fantastic job of providing us with a very varied assortment of fresh and cut flowers.  We only have to determine what kinds and how many of each, which isn’t always the easiest task.  The goal is to sell out by 9pm on Holy Saturday, but that’s way more difficult than it sounds!

            Also, it’s not too early to be planning your Easter dinner.  Special prices on hams are abundant this time of year and we even have leg o’ lamb for those of you so inclined.  Hams are available in several varieties (boneless, semi-boneless, spiral, etc.) and in several brand names if you have a personal favorite.  When I first started in the grocery business, there would be one and only one ham on sale for Easter.  All the other accoutrements (side dishes, etc) would be at regular price.  The fact that the customer would then buy the accompanying vegetables, fixin’s and the like would help offset the large discount on the ham!  It was a win-win for both the customer and the store. 

            Somewhere over the past 50 years, however the industry standard has become to put everything on sale for all major holidays!   You can literally buy everything you need for Easter dinner at substantial savings and that’s a great advantage for the customer.  With our prices and our selection, we strive to be your one-stop-shopping experience – for Easter or for any other week of the year!