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Dear Customers,  

             In my lifetime, which will reach 66 years later this month, August has always been one of my favorite months for many reasons.  When I was a boy and looking forward to each new milestone, my birthday was reason enough to pick August.  As I got older, back to school became of some importance, the start of football season and, oh yeah, my wedding anniversary were other August events!  One of the most important reasons, particularly to the young at heart, however, was the McKean County Fair!  This year was to have been the 115th McKean County Fair, but in light of ongoing uncertainty regarding COVID-19 social gathering restrictions the fair has been regretfully cancelled and postponed until next year. 

            So, no cotton candy, no candy apples, no fried dough, no sno-cones, no homemade taffy, and no hot sausage sandwiches at the Boosters trailer!  If I close my eyes and concentrate really hard, I can almost smell that delightful aroma of sawdust, fried foods and horse manure!  Children love the fair because of all the bright lights, the rides and an up-close and personal glimpse of farm animals!  By the time you’re a teenager the attraction is to see and be seen!  Pretty girls from all over the county flock to the fair- making it a mecca for young men.  The trick is to look - but appear disinterested!  As you morph into a young adult, you go because you want your kids to experience the same memories you hold dear.  Until, finally, after the kids are grown, you go simply for the food and perhaps to run into friends from other towns you haven’t seen in a year. 

            As we grow ever nearer to the magical date of “back to school”, we and every other community in the state faces uncertainty about how the whole school year will be handled.  We’ve read updates daily regarding the three Plans for repopulating the classrooms.  The frustrating truth is, we won’t know for certain until we know!  The same goes for fall sports.  Will they be held, will they feature a delayed or truncated schedule, will they feature spectators, or will they be postponed until the spring?  As someone who’s been an employee of the school district for 26 years as public address announcer at the football games, I don’t know whether to renew my clearances which expired in July or hold off until next year so that I don’t lose a year of eligibility on a potentially lost season.  If there are home games held, and there are no spectators, do you really need an announcer?  I think not!

            One thing that you can count on – that is absolutely certain – is that Costa’s Supermarket and Costa’s Ace Hardware will be open every day.  We will continue to have as fine a selection in our perishable departments of fresh meats, deli-bakery and produce items as we can possibly offer.  We’re continuing to offer spur of the moment specials in all departments on a daily basis as they become available to us.  We really want to be your one-stop shopping destination and are striving continually to make it so.  If you haven’t tried us lately come shop our clean, uncluttered aisles where friendly employees abound!