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Dear Customers,

            Each day, I find myself becoming more and more like my father.  Virtually everything I once teased him about; afternoon naps, hoarding anything with no obvious value and failing to keep up with technology – I’m now guilty of myself.  Summers were the worst.  Every time we got a lightning strike in the area and the power would go out I’d get the inevitable phone call.  His VCR clock was flashing “12:00 am” and as many times as I showed him how to reset it, he found it easier to just pick up the phone and call me.

            I used to be the “go to” guy around here when it came to computers and the internet.  I took to them both relatively early and I kept up with each new upgrade and innovation, religiously.  Then Josh came to work after college and I found myself gradually turning over everything to him – just because it was easier.  Now I’m in the same boat as most people.  I have to call for help for routine repairs, I don’t Tweet, or Snapchat or Instagram – mostly because I don’t know how!  Ignorance is also the main reason why I never began a presence for Costa’s Supermarket on Facebook.  That all became moot on June 28th when Josh created a Costa’s Supermarket page on that venue.

            Costa’s Ace Hardware has been on-line there for many months and they use the page to announce special in-store promotions, sales in addition to their printed flyers and any useful information regarding store hours or happenings around the community.  It’s been very successful and to help launch the supermarket page, we ran a 1-day meat sale on June 30th with three very popular meat items sporting HOT-HOT-HOT prices the weekend before the Fourth.  It was a huge success and I was completely amazed at the number of people who viewed the ad on-line and then made the trek into the store to take advantage of the specials!

            We hope to keep the site current with information, impromptu specials and interesting happenings in and around our area.  Please check back frequently to see what we’re up to now.  The fact that you can put stuff on there and have it seen immediately instead of working a couple of weeks into the future with our normal ad makes it a very handy tool to have.  Dad just wouldn’t have believed it !