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Dear Customers,

            I refer to it as my “theory of relativity”.  Not the one that Albert Einstein determined regarding the laws of physics, but one that uses the word, “relative” to explain many of life’s differences.  For instance, if someone checks the weather forecast and finds that the high tomorrow is going to be 55°, they might say “Oooh, that’s chilly, I’ll have to wear my fleece jacket!”  While her husband is thinking, “great, another day in shorts!” 

            Simply put, we all have different opinions or viewpoints with regard to a topic or a subject.  A typical example is the timeworn, “glass half full or half empty” debate.  It merely depends upon your own perspective.  There’s exactly the same amount of liquid in that glass in both instances, only the perception is different. 

            A similar situation occurred with our well-loved Italian sausage.  We recently changed the designation on the “sweet” variety to “medium” to alleviate confusion.  Now we carry mild, medium and hot.   I actually had a customer complain that our “mild” version was “too hot”.   All things being relative, it was too hot for her while for someone else it may not be considered spicy at all.

            A few years ago, I bought some seeds on-line for Ghost Peppers (Bhut Jolokia) because, at the time they were known as the “world’s hottest pepper” with over 1,041,000 units on the Scoville Scale.  The Scoville Scale is used only to compare degrees of spiciness in peppers by measuring the concentration of Capsaicin – the chemical responsible for the sensation of heat in a pepper.   When I picked them, I really didn’t have any desire to test their spiciness with my own tongue, so I brought them to the meat department, ran them through our dehydrator and we utilized them in special editions of Ghost Pepper bologna, beef sticks and jerky!  They sold “literally”, like HOT cakes!

            The Hottest Pepper in the World designation changes frequently as new varieties are discovered or created.  The former champion, the Ghost Pepper, is now only 7th on the list!  The new, “Hottest Pepper In The World” is the Carolina Reaper – weighing in at 2,200,000 units on the Scoville Scale – that’s 2.11 times hotter than the Ghost or in terms you can relate to. . . 200 times hotter than the common jalapeno!

            Last fall, I suddenly came into possession of one of these little balls of fire, and as any gardener would do, I cut it open and carefully removed the seeds while wearing rubber gloves.  The seeds went into a little snack bag on my window seat to dry.  This past March I planted them and was rewarded with quite a crop by mid-September.  Once again, I brought them to the dehydrator and now we’re faced with the unenviable task of determining how much ground up Carolina Reaper to add to a batch of sausage, bologna, beef stick or jerky!

            Our intent is to put them out for sale when we reach an edible solution.  Don’t worry, they’ll be clearly marked, so if you are one of those people that brags, “I like hot foods, the hotter the better”, this may be your chance to discover your limits!  The harvest is finite, so they won’t be available for long.  In case they’re a hit, I’ve already started drying seeds for next year.