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Dear Customers,

             Of all the major (or lesser) holidays that occur in any given year, there are only two that command a two-week window of opportunity in our weekly grocery ads; Thanksgiving and Christmas!  With Christmas, it’s obvious.  With all the preparations; shopping, baking, decorating, and socializing that takes place its easy to forget to get to the store – so we make it easy by repeating the important items for two weeks.

            What you may not know about Thanksgiving, however, is that it’s the biggest food consumption day of the year in this country!  One look at the dinner table and it’s not hard to see why.  We as Americans always seem to make way more food than is needed.  Everyone seemingly has a favorite “dish” and it would be almost unconscionable to leave it off the menu.  Years ago, I made an innocuous comment telling my mother-in-law that her Cole slaw “was good”.   Every holiday dinner after that featured a huge bowl of it because “Paul likes it!”

             However, at least for me, the best part of the Thanksgiving feast is leftovers!  That’s right, it’s almost too hectic at the dinner table after all that preparation, planning, shopping and cooking to enjoy what’s set before me.  We rush through dinner and I can hear my mother’s voice in my head, “I slaved over that meal for two days and you’re all done in 15 minutes!” Instead, later, when the house is finally quiet, and the last football game is droning on - a turkey sandwich, some cold stuffing, a little sweet potato casserole and I’m truly able to experience the thankfulness I may have overlooked earlier!

            I don’t really understand why - but when the hills become stark and barren of leaves - the daytime temperatures rarely venture into the mid 40’s - and the sun spends more and more of its day south of the equator . . . for some inexplicable reason I actually become extra cheerful.  It could be completely unrelated, but I think it has a lot to do with looking forward to the two final months of the year.  November and December are chock-full of opportunities to eat, spend time with family and friends and to just enjoy the end of another year!

            Our Meat Department is one of the finest around, but they shine even more during the holidays.  We have an excellent price on our Shurfine Self-Basting Turkeys, but the entire meat case is chock full of bargains on all your favorite meats; sausages, beef sticks, chicken, pork and all the other cuts of USDA Grade A Prime beef.  If you have any special requests, particularly during these hectic days before the “big feast”, all you need do is ask!  Corey and Shawn are delighted to give you that extra effort to ensure your holiday meat needs are met or exceeded!  Stop in today!